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Welcome to .We always view your (customer) security as principal necessity, here we provide an outline of our privacy and security policy. If you have any more questions, please make a call to our customer service team. Any personal detail you give to us and from which you can be found is stored securely and very confidentially.

At the same time, we are processing this information very fairly and legally in agreement with this privacy policy. We take suitable organizational and technical measures to protect your personal information against unlawful and unauthorized users including encrypting of these details to applicable industrial standards.

While you visit our website, we may get certain personal details which are necessary to set up your online account, for the purposes of asking queries, delivery of your necessary sport information, and also updating. We only maintain your private information for as long as is essential to process your requests online, respond to any feedback or complaints, process any applicable accesses, or to give you with the promotional details you have subscribed to.
Usually we do not have any access to your finance related information which is protectively and directly transferred to our money card processing agents who are processing it on our given instructions. We supply your details electronically to our experts who need your information to give all sports related news.

When you are registering your information with us to open an account, you have an excellent option to subscribe to ht future special offers and promotions. You can unsubscribe from our web platform at any time by emailing our online customer services.

Our website can able to recognize past users by using available cookies. These cookies can personalize your online visits to our online platform to meet your individual sport preferences. You can also disable such cookies by altering your internet settings.

This online platform contains many links to the other sports websites with their private policies if you need to get sports information from others. We are not actually responsible for the privacy policies of such linked sites.

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, contact our data protection compliance officer through email.

Users may avoid the use of DART cookies by visit Google ad and content network privacy policies.