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Top 10 Major League Baseball Players 2016

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Here is the list of top 10 MLB (Major League Baseball) players as the 2016 Season.

  • In this rankings are consider as the 2016 season and not over all performance.
  • MLB Players earnings and contract agreements have no bearing on the top 10 rankings.
  • For the position players, fielding and placement on the defensive spectrum, base running and hitting has been taken into their account.

1. Mike Trout
Mike Trout one of the best pure hitters in all the games and he will plays a solid center field while adding value on the bases.


Mike Trout Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-2/235
Birth date        : 8/7/1991
Age                 : 25
Hometown       : Vineland, NJ
Bats/Throws    : R/R
Team               : Los Angeles Angels
MLB Experience: 6

2011: Minor League Player of the Year
2012: AL Rookie of the Year
2014: AL Most Valuable Player;AL Hank Aaron Award;AL RBI Leader;All-Star Game MVP
2015: All-Star Game MVP

2. Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper has reigning NL MVP absolutely pushed the ball in the last season despite still being quite young.


Bryce Harper Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-3/216
Birth date        : 10/16/1992
Age                 : 24
Hometown       : Las Vegas, NV
Bats/Throws    : L/R
Team               : Washington Nationals
MLB Experience: 5
2010: Golden Spike
2012: NL Rookie of the Year
2015: NL Most Valuable Player;NL Hank Aaron Award;NL Home Run Champion

3. Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw he just turned his 28 years and he got a big career ERA+ of 154. He won three Cy Youngs and an MVP Champions. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher on the planet,It is really true.


Clayton Kershaw Biography:
Height/Weight : 6-3/225
Birth date        : 3/19/1988
Age                 : 28
Hometown       : Dallas, TX
Bats/Throws    : L/L
Team              : Los Angeles Dodgers
MLB Experience: 9

2011: NL Cy Young;NL ERA Leader;NL Strike Out Leader;NL Gold Glove-SP
2012: NL ERA Leader
2013: NL Cy Young;NL ERA Leader;NL Strike Out Leader
2014: NL Most Valuable Player;NL Cy Young;NL ERA Leader
2015: NL Strike Out Leader

4. Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen he hit like the MVP grade best performer and we know him to be like that.While we compare with McCutchen again to be one of the most valuable performers in all of baseball (MLB)this season 2016.


Andrew McCutchen Biography:

Height/Weight : 5-10/200
Birth date        : 10/10/1986
Age                 : 30
Hometown       : Fort Meade, FL
Bats/Throws    : R/R
Team              : Pittsburgh Pirates
MLB Experience: 8

2012: NL Gold Glove-CF
2013: NL Most Valuable Player

5. Paul Goldschmidt


Who is NL’s best pure right handed hitter?
The hitter is Paul Goldschmidt.

Paul Goldschmidt is hitting with power and getting on base at an impressive clip.

Paul Goldschmidt Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-3/225
Birth date        : 9/10/1987
Age                 : 29
Hometown       : Wilmington, DE
Bats/Throws    : R/R
Team              : Arizona Diamondbacks
MLB Experience : 6

2013: NL Hank Aaron Award;NL Home Run Champion;NL RBI Leader;NL Gold Glove-1B
2015: NL Gold Glove-1B

6. Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson shows his best performance in the last season he leveraged more aggressive with his hitter.


Josh Donaldson Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-1/210
Birth date        : 12/8/1985
Age                 : 30
Hometown       : Pensacola, FL
Bats/Throws     : R/R
Team               : Toronto Blue Jays
MLB Experience: 6

2015: AL Most Valuable Player;AL RBI Leader

7. Manny Machado

Manny Machado is trruly a best defensive third baseman in the baseball and he has a enough to be a fielding asset at shortstop.The last season he performed well in the step forward with the bat.


Manny Machado Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-3/185
Birth date       : 7/6/1992
Age                : 24
Hometown      : Miami, FL
Bats/Throws   : R/R
Team             : Baltimore Orioles
MLB Experience: 5

2013: AL Gold Glove-3B
2015: AL Gold Glove-3B

8. Chris Sale

Chris Sale is one of the best elite bat-missers in the game and he is the 27 old young man.


Chris Sale Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-6/180
Birth date        : 3/30/1989
Age                 : 27
Hometown      : Lakeland, FL
Bats/Throws   : L/L
Team             : Chicago White Sox
MLB Experience: 7

2015: AL Strike Out Leader

9. David Price

David Price has an Boston’s $217 million arm is indeed an established ace. David Price has Entering his age of 30 of his campaign, and the Price owns a career ERA+ of 126.


David Price Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-6/210
Birth date        : 8/26/1985
Age                 : 31
Hometown       : Murfreesboro, TN
Bats/Throws    : L/L
Team              : Boston Red Sox
MLB Experience : 9

2007: Golden Spike
2012: AL Cy Young;AL ERA Leader
2014: AL Strike Out Leader
2015: AL ERA Leader

10. Buster Posey

Buster Posey gradually seeing his best time behind the plate ramped up down and his last season he still topped 900 defensive innings more at catcher.


Buster Posey Biography:

Height/Weight : 6-1/215
Birth date        : 3/27/1987
Age                 : 29
Hometown      : Leesburg, GA
Bats/Throws   : R/R
Team             : San Francisco Giants
MLB Experience: 8

2008: Golden Spike
2010: NL Rookie of the Year
2012: NL Most Valuable Player;NL Batting Champion;NL Hank Aaron Award

Do you have any suggestions regarding this mlb player rankings 2016 please comment here. You are always welcome.

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