Aberdeen F.C. vs Hibernian F.C. Lineups



The world of football is a stage where anticipation runs high and excitement knows no bounds. Two Scottish football giants, Aberdeen FC and Hibernian FC, recently locked horns in a thrilling battle on the pitch. To dissect this exciting fixture, we will take a closer look at the lineups of both teams, exploring the key players who graced the field and the strategies they employed to secure victory.

Aberdeen FC Lineup

Goalkeeper – Joe Lewis: Joe Lewis, the dependable shot-stopper, is the last line of defense for Aberdeen FC. With his quick reflexes and excellent positioning, he is a vital asset between the posts.

Defenders – Scott McKenna, Ash Taylor, and Greg Leigh: The heart of Aberdeen’s defense was comprised of McKenna, Taylor, and Leigh. Their strong tackles and composure under pressure were crucial in thwarting Hibernian’s attacks.

Midfielders – Lewis Ferguson, Funso Ojo, Jonny Hayes, and Ryan Hedges: The midfield quartet of Ferguson, Ojo, Hayes, and Hedges provided the creative spark for Aberdeen. Ferguson, in particular, is known for his ability to dictate the tempo of the game.

Forwards – Sam Cosgrove and Curtis Main: Cosgrove and Main formed the striking duo for Aberdeen. They used their physicality and finishing prowess to keep the Hibernian defense on their toes.

Hibernian FC Lineup

Goalkeeper – Ofir Marciano: In the Hibernian goal, Ofir Marciano stood tall. The Israeli international is known for his excellent shot-stopping abilities and distribution from the back.

Defenders – Paul Hanlon, Ryan Porteous, and Lewis Stevenson: The Hibernian defense, led by Hanlon and Porteous, was a tough nut to crack. Their organization and ability to win aerial duels played a crucial role in maintaining a clean sheet.

Midfielders – Alex Gogic, Joe Newell, Daryl Horgan, and Martin Boyle: The midfield quartet of Gogic, Newell, Horgan, and Boyle brought energy and creativity to Hibernian’s play. Boyle’s pace on the wing was a constant threat to the Aberdeen defense.

Forwards – Christian Doidge and Kevin Nisbet: Doidge and Nisbet formed the attacking partnership for Hibernian. Their ability to link up and create goal-scoring opportunities was a key feature of Hibernian’s attacking play.

Key Strategies Employed by Both Teams

Solid Defenses: Both Aberdeen and Hibernian fielded strong defensive lineups, and this reflected in the game’s outcome. Both teams were organized at the back, making it difficult for the opposition to break through.

Midfield Battles: The midfield battles were intense, with Lewis Ferguson for Aberdeen and Alex Gogic for Hibernian often at the center of the action. Their ability to win duels and distribute the ball was crucial in dictating the flow of the game.

Winger Threats: The wingers on both sides, Jonny Hayes for Aberdeen and Martin Boyle for Hibernian, were key threats. Their pace and ability to deliver accurate crosses provided ample opportunities for their respective teams.

Striker Prowess: The battle between the strikers, Sam Cosgrove for Aberdeen and Christian Doidge for Hibernian, showcased their ability to hold up play and create goal-scoring chances for their teammates.

Set Pieces: Set pieces played a significant role in the match. Both teams had opportunities from free-kicks and corners, with accurate deliveries causing chaos in the opposing penalty areas.

Outcome of the Match

The match between Aberdeen FC and Hibernian FC was a closely contested battle, with both teams displaying their strengths and tactical acumen. Ultimately, the match ended in a 1-1 draw, with goals from Curtis Main for Aberdeen and Kevin Nisbet for Hibernian.


The clash between Aberdeen FC and Hibernian FC was a thrilling encounter that showcased the talent and determination of both teams. The lineups featured a mix of experienced players and emerging talents, highlighting the depth of Scottish football. While the match ended in a draw, it was a testament to the competitive nature of the Scottish Premiership. As both teams look ahead to their next fixtures, fans can only await the next chapter in this exciting football rivalry.