Alexander Zverev Missed his Golden Chance even Reach Near Enough -US Open 2020


US Open 2020 FinalAlexander Zverev lost to Dominic Thiem and missed his great chance of being the champion of Grand Slam on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

In news conference , he mourns deeply for his great loss after reach the position very near, he lost in the points of 2-6 4-6 6-4 6-3 7-6 (8-6) to the 2nd  seeded player Dominic Thiem.

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Alexander Zverev missed his golden chance even reach near enough -US Open 2020
Alexander Zverev missed his golden chance even reach near enough -US Open 2020

Zverev was very disappointed to miss this great Opportunity hence it was his first major final match. He gave a tough fight to his competitor and before losing the game he gave major scores in third and fifth set (5-3).

He shares his grief to the news conference that “I was very close to become the champion of Grand Slam, I was really a few games away or maybe few points only away from the championship”.

The main thing which makes me to feel sad is not the third set or any other reason, it is the fifth set. I really got a lot of chance there to beat him but I missed them. This is not my last chance, I am just 23 now. I have a great believe that I’ll become a Grand Slam champion one day.

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Zverev starts the game effectively before Thiem, later he made 15 double faults in default. He also said that it was very hard to accept the failure after reaching the successful position.

“Losing the Grand Slam title after giving two loving performance is not so easy. During the third match, I felt that he breaks me it was the turning point of the match”.

“I start to think that he was playing very well and I start to give worse progress, that’s the time match turned favor to him. Then also I’ve got lot of chances to beat him but I missed that opportunity” said Zverev.

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