Ashleigh Barty is Ahead of Australian Open Warm Up After 11 Months


Ashleigh Barty the world no:1 women’s singles player last year decides to back to the field after a long inactive period of 11 months due to the pandemic situation.

The Organizers reports that the world no 1 Australian tennis star will participate in the two WTA tournaments in Melbourne, which will be conducted before the Australian Open. Due to the spreading COVID-19 virus she didn’t took part in any match for 11 months.

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Ashleigh Barty is Ahead of Australian Open Warm Up After 11 Months
Ashleigh Barty is Ahead of Australian Open Warm Up After 11 Months

The Queensland player didn’t even take part in the French Open and US Open in New York. The 24 years stunning player stops competing from the month of February as the Corona virus made a great change in sports world.

The year’s first Grand Slam was planned to conduct earlier but it was postponed to three weeks and the Grand Slam will begins at Melbourne Park on February 8. Thus the pandemic condition controls the tennis game even now.

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Last year Barty holds the top position in the Women’s singles ranking but later she didn’t took part in any game for 11 months. Now as the part of the Melbourne summer series she is going to took part in the two WTA 500 tournaments which begins on January 31 to February 6.

All the top 49 players out of 50 will participate in both games The Gippsland Trophy and Yarra Valley Classic. The Yarra Valley Classic was named after the regions in the state of Victoria.

The American tennis star Serena Williams left the French Open due to injury now she will took part in this tournament to get some title which record-equalling her 24th  title. Before entering the games in Melbourne Park the players must undergo 14 days compulsory isolation period. So the players will reach the spot from January 15.

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The Australian Novak Djokovic, the world no 1 men’s singles champion and the Spanish Rafael Nadal grabs the second place and will took part in the 12 team ATP Cup by representing their countries. The match will begin on February 1 to 5 so they were not able to participate in the two ATP 250 tournaments.

Cameron Pearson, the head of the TA major events said in a statement that, “It was a great over through to safeguard such big playing fields because we all know that the situations are much different this year”.

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