Australia beat India 4-2 in the Champions Trophy


In the champions trophy Hockey India go down 2-4 to Australia. Australia hockey team beat India 4-2 in the Champions Trophy group fixture on Thursday.

The Champions trophy India had to win to their first final but it wasn’t the case as Australia, they are table-toppers.


Match Summary has Right from the first half, the Australians made plenty of penetrations and earned many penalty corners to pile on the pressure on Indian team.

They were near to the board while Mitton scored to put Australia as 1-0 top up after Sreejesh denied them for the opening 20 minutes time.

After that Australia has followed the opening goal with another one as a couple of minutes later while Zalewski back of the net in the 23rd minute.

Indian team did make some movement towards the end of the third quarter time period but weren’t able to execute anything to the formiddable Aussie unit.