Barcelona Made a $135 Million Deal with Antoine Griezmann


Barcelona was publicly declared the signing of Antoine Griezmann. It was revealed on Friday when the Spanish champions had paid La Liga rivals Atletico Madrid.

The payment was around 12 million euro that is equal to 135 million dollar. It was the release clause that requires signing in the world cup winner. Barca said that the player would sign the contract with his new club for the following five seasons until 3 June 2024 will 800 million euros on the basis of buyout clause. The announcement made in Friday brings an end to the dispute. The dispute is between the two clubs and Griezmann. Giezmann had a broad aim to go into the Catalan giants.

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Barcelona Made a $135 Million Deal with Antoine Griezmann
Barcelona Made a $135 Million Deal with Antoine Griezmann

 The pre-season gathering was held on Sunday where the 28 year old one failed to show up. Before that he had announced in May that he would be leaving the Wanda Metropolitano. It was pathetic that he could not reveal his current destination. He kept up with it until the release clause owned by him dropped drastically from 200 million euros to 120 million euros in the beginning of this month. Atletico unfairly accused Barcelona and Griezmann last week. It was a mean act of lacking respect. Meanwhile the Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed the talk about the former Real Sociedad forward to the two clubs.

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Atletico said that the Griezmann had said to the club that he had been struck with the deal. The deal was with the Barcelona in March. It was a few days before the second leg of the champions league last tied 16 with that of Juventus. This made them literally to see the Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick winning in the first leg 2- in Madrid. They were dumped badly by the act of Cristiano Ronaldo. The partnership between Griezmann and Atletico is really an incredible one. They have joined their hands at 2014. After that they have appeared around 257 times and have scored out 133 goals. This made it highly valued one and also played a main role in lifting the Europa League in 2018. He was the first to finish the top scorer at Euro 2016. That was the time when the France was beaten up badly in their own mother land at finals by the Portugal. They were just helping his team to enter into the World Cup triumph in Russia and it guided throughout the entire period of last year.

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Another, hot news is that the former striker of England team Peter Crouch has made a shocking announcement that he is going to be retired from football on Friday. He has been doing a wonderful job for around a period of two decades as a professional and expert in the team. The 38 years old Peter Crouch, Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke City and Liverpool have spent the last season blissfully at Burnley though his contract has come to an end at the last month. Crouch was honoured by England from 2005 to 2010. He also scored 22 goals and appeared for two world cup matches. He also won the FA cup at Liverpool.

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