Bayern Munich Winger Serge Gnabry tested positive for COVID-19


In the Champions League, Bayern Munich had a group game clash with the team Atletico Madrid. Bayern Munich winger Serge Gnabry tested positive for COVID-19 and the team is going to participate in the Champions League without winger.


Before the positive result the German Gnabry had training with his team mates and Coach Hansi Flick ahead of the Champions League. His teammates will have more tests for COVID-19 and the team said that the 25 aged German player is fine and he was isolated in his home.

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If the team has more positive results for COVID-19 the match against Atletico Madrid will be postponed but according to UFEA rules if the team has 13 players and one goal keeper you can conduct the match.

At the same time Bayern team hopes that the authorities’ wont asks the whole team to get isolated.

In the beginning of the season the winger gave a hat trick performance and led the team to win FC Schalke in the score of 8-0. And he was the one who started the four Bundesliga League match for the team.

In 2020 the Bavarians Bayern Munich won 5 titles. In their first group match they face Spaniards and won the Champions League.