Brooks Koepka Injured and Replaced by Rickie Fowler in the Presidents Cup 2019


Brooks Koepka as a World No 1 Golf ranking topper. Still he continues with his knee injury and struggles lot. So he is planning to withdrawn in the 2019 Melbourne Presidents Cup. In the USA line-up Brooks Koepka replaced by Rickie Fowler.

Brooks Koepka injured and replaced by Rickie Fowler in the Presidents Cup 2019

Brooks Koepka said, “Because of my knee injury today i am announcing about my withdrawal from the US Presidents Cup Team”. “I notified this to captain Tiger Woods and despite constant medical care and rehab, and i am not able to play golf at this situation.

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Tiger woods said,
“Brooks talked with me and he is really disappointed that he can’t able to compete, and i told him get well soon.”

“I spoke with Rickie Fowler and he has agreed and able to join the US Presidents Cup team. Fowler has already played in the Presidents Cup teams and I know he will be do a great job for us.”

“We all are excited about this year Presidents Cup event. The series is really outstanding and we have to play against the real great competitors.”