Cristiano Ronaldo may Burst the Health Protocol Rules – Italian Sports Minister


Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora says that Cristiano Ronaldo may break the health protocol rules. He went to Italy after his isolation periods. But Juventus President says that he didn’t break any rules.

World No 2nd famous Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was tested positive for Covid-19 during the match against Sweden and he returned back to home to be isolated.

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Italian Sports Minister was questioned in a radio interview, did Ronaldo break the health protocol rules?. He replied that Yes he was, if he didn’t get any proper approval from the health officials. Andrea Agnelli, the Juventus president said that Ronaldo didn’t break any health protocol rules.

President said in a news conference that,” You must call the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior and ask them to say what was broke”.

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He went to Italy through a private jet allowed by the talented heath officials.

Before the COVID positive result he had a game against Spain and Nations League match against France. Later he got dismissed from the game due to the positive result and the team won the match without Ronaldo 3-0 against Sweden.

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