Cristiano Ronaldo World No: 2 Footballer Tested Positive for COVID-19


The World famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was tested positive for novel corona virus and got release from the Nations League match against Sweden.


The 35 years old Juventus and Portugal football player was in isolation now, there is no symptom of COVID-19 and he is perfectly alright now.

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The Portuguese soccer federation said that, “The Star player Cristiano Ronaldo was tested positive for COVID-19 but there is no symptom and he is in isolation now“.

The federation didn’t release any further information about where he is in isolation and for how many days he will stay there. He was send to home and he is not going to participate in the league match against Sweden.

In the Nations League he faced two draws in the match, with France (0-0) on Sunday and against Spain (0-0) in Last week. On Monday the star player posted a photo on Twitter, having meal with his team together and captioned in Portuguese “Unity in both inside and outside the field”.

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Ronaldo’s positive result let other players to take another COVID-19 test and it results negative for everyone. The other squad members return to normal practice because of the match against Sweden in Lisbon.

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