Do you Dream of becoming a Grandmaster? Try these Chess Types with the Chess Game Download!


There was a time when kids would try to play other games online, but parents would encourage them to play games like chess, which increased their thinking capacity. Nowadays, you have the chess game download option, with the help of which you can enjoy a little game of chess from anywhere at any time. 

With the chess game download option, you can also play chess of different variants. There are over a thousand types of chess games, but here in this article, we have mentioned only eight of these games that are quite popular among beginners and advanced-level chess players.

Eight types of chess games for beginners and grandmasters:

  1. Bughouse: Four players are required to play this game. There will be two separate games on two different boards played by two different sets of players. Two players will be partnered from opposite teams. For instance, Board 1 has Players 1 and 2, and Board 2 has Players 3 and 4. So, players one and three are partners, and players 2 and 4 are partners. If player one plays black, then player three plays white, and the same with players 2 and 4. If player 1 captures pieces from player 2, then those pieces will immediately go to player 3. They can use these pieces whenever they want.
  2. Crazyhouse: This chess variant is similar to the Bughouse chess game. But the only difference when it comes to Crazyhouse and Bughouse is that in the case of Crazyhouse, there is only player one and two. When player 1 captures pieces from player 2, they are dropped on the empty boxes of player 1 for their use.
  3. 3-check: Everyone knows how to play chess conventionally. Even though chess is thrilling, it is boring and predictable if you have played it too many times. But if you want to play the same old conventional game of chess but only in a little twisted way, 3-check chess is the game for you. The whole game remains the same except for an added rule. You can also defeat your opponent by checking their King three times. 
  4. King of the Hill: In this game, you play the traditional game, and just like all of the variants mentioned before, it can end in the conventional ways, like by checkmate stalemate and time-out, as well as in another added way. Here, your goal is to take your King to the center of the board, also known as the top of the hill, and then you can win. The squares e4, d4, e5, and d5 are considered the middle of the board or the top of the hill.
  5. Chess 960: This game is also known as the Fischer Random chess game, named after the grandmaster Bobby Fischer, who recommended it. In this variant, the starting positions of the pieces are different from usual. The pawns sit where they always do, but the minor chess pieces, like the knights and the bishops, and the major pieces, like the rooks, the king, and the queen, are placed semi-randomly on the first and the last ranks.
  6. Fog of War: In this chess variant, you cannot see anything other than the squares where your pieces are legally allowed to move. If an enemy piece captures you or your chess pieces, you won’t know about it unless another one of your pieces is placed near it to overlook the area. You can also not see the moves of your enemy or their progress unless you have put one of your pieces, which can look directly at your enemy’s territory.
  7. Blindfold Chess: As the name suggests, in this variant, the players cannot see the board, i.e., they are either blindfolded or the board is out of their visual range. In this game, the player needs to remember the whole board, the positions of his chess pieces, and the positions of his enemy’s chess pieces. The entire communication throughout the game is done via chess notations.
  8. Atomic Chess: Everything in this variant remains the same as any traditional game. However, the only difference includes the action of capturing the enemy pieces. After an enemy piece is captured, all others surrounding it and the attacking piece will fall. This rule stands for any chess piece other than the pawns.


So, don’t you think that the chess variants are vast? But what’s more interesting? The more exciting thing is that with the help of the chess game download option, you can play all these games anytime and from anywhere. How? Use the very convenient chess game download option and enjoy your time playing the strategic board game chess. Now that is exciting! What do you say? Stop wasting time now answering us. Download the app, start playing, and you know the secret. You can win lucrative prizes from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.