Dominic Thiem Celebrating his First Grand Slam Title in US Open 2020


Australian player Dominic Thiem defeats Alexander Zverve in US Open 2020 finals at Flushing Meadows  2-6 4-6 6-4 6-3 7-6 (8-6). This was the first Grand Slam title for Thiem in New York. Dominic Thiem celebrating his success and with whole heart he expressed his emotions to the reporters at where he won his maiden Grand Slam title.

Dominic described that it was his long term dream to achieve his first grand slam crown and at last it came true after facing the two sets down. Alexander Zverve was the first player in the history of US Open to won the first two sets in sequence in US Open final from since 1949. In the Arthur Ashe Stadium the match last for four hours.

Dominic Thiem Celebrating his First Grand Slam Title in US Open 2020
Dominic Thiem Celebrating his First Grand Slam Title in US Open 2020

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After the crucial game against the 5th seeded German, Dominic told the reporters that, “This is my dream, I aimed this before many and many years, I really achieved my life goal”.

He said that he started to play tennis when he was a kid but after that he took few steps back from the game. Later he becomes closer to closer to the top level. After that he came to realize his ability and wonders that one day he will reach, one of the four greatest titles in tennis.

“Until won one of the four biggest titles I dedicated my whole life to tennis. I put a lot of efforts in it. Now I did it .For me it was a great success I’ve achieved”. “Actually it was not done only by me; it was a great success from all my team and from all my family members. And I think that today is the day I gave them a great reward for all the deeds they did for me”.

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In 2018 and 2019 Thiem lost his French Open finals to Rafael Nadal, and in this year in Australian Open final Thiem lost to number 1 seeded Novak Djokovik.

During the semis of Roland Garros, he met his broke and it was the first time he thought himself that one day he will surely win a major title. That time he was among the top 10, from there he starts to dream to achieve that and he think that one day it will happen.

After that he thought that his biggest chances will be on clay courts but lot of things changed in the end of last year. He won Beijing, Vienna, and played in Nitto finals he realized that he can perform well in hard courts also. “Now a day I am improving myself in hard court with Nico (Massu), and I can say that shots are working great in that surface. And the main thing is that now I got one of the four” said Thiem.

Thiem’s concentration now turned to French Open in Paris after the victory of US Open 2020. In the midst of COVID-19 the rescheduled French Open will be carried out on 27th September at Roland Garros. Thiem said that, he is physically 100 percent fine to face the change from hard court to clay and the two time French runner up said that he have enough time to get recover from all the troubles he had.

He also said that, “It is a big question for me how I am going to face the upcoming tournament because I’ve achieved a big goal and I have no idea to control my emotions mentally”.

“At the same time I expect that it will be little easy for me to face the big tournaments now, by this great feet I feel that I will play the game little more relaxed and freely”.