Doubles Provides Wider Look at shot-making and Personality of Andy Murray


Doubles will get the maximum recognition and a bigger audience due to the top singles players invested.

Andy Murray has focused on the verge of one of the self-lacerating and furious rants since his return to the doubles court a month ago at Queen’s Club. He has long been famous for his talent and effective performance from the beginning to end of the sport. He misses a hot and also throws his hand up in frustration. He starts to shake his head, shoots a look on the way to his player box.

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Doubles provides wider look at shot-making and personality of Andy Murray
Doubles provides wider look at shot-making and personality of Andy Murray

If Murray were playing singles on the tennis court, this would lead to more of the same in terms of the chuntering and fury things regardless of the sarcastic thumbs-up and teeth-baring howl in his team’s direction. He does not have time to get lost in own gloom as he is playing doubles. He has to slap hands with his partner instead of talking to himself. He discusses the strategy for the next point and assists a lot to maintain an air of optimism on the net’s side. He cannot let his shoulders slump and give into his rage. This enforced positivity worked well for Murray. He and Feliciano Lopez won at the Queen while he and Pierre-Hughes Herbert were dismissed from the male’s doubles at Wimbledon on Saturday. He and Serena Williams looked like a formidable and also fun-to-watch duo in the first-round win.

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Murray has shown fans a different side to the personality and a wide look at his shot-making. Many fans of tennis do not fail to put off by his persona often-dour on-court in singles as they like subtle versatile game of Murray and seen the honest, funny, honorable and thoughtful person he is far away from the court. They have enjoyed watching him while interacting with Serene and Feli over the previous month. They guess many of his fans may be intrigued to see him in less agitated frame of mind and also in the situation of less-isolated type. In doubles, players can share the weight with another while singles hang players out to dry and make their shoulder weight alone. Individuals who regularly watch the singles and doubles tennis can understand the difference in every move and also the overall facial expressions Andy Murray make on the court.

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Doubles calls on more varied and different tennis skills. As a game of shot-maker, doubles forces the players to play in the more proactive and decisive way than players do in singles. Andy Murray is a shot-maker with some of the best skills associated with the game. He does not like to go out of his own way to do anything all through the game especially in risky things in singles.  He wishes to maintain the consistency and also defense to win as happy as possible in singles. He must play in the aggressive way in doubles. He understands the overall significance of firing his returns at the net player of the opposing team or dip them at his own feet. He properly follows his own serve to net and throw up towering the topspin lobs.

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