F1 Red Bull Car Racer Albon was asked to Hold his Seat for Next Year


Alexander Albon will find out Red Bull in this Fomula 1 season and he faced a hard time in afternoon said the Red bull boss Christian Horner.

He said that the Thai player must return to Portugal and also at the upcoming race Imola to confirm his place there in coming days. Or else the team will choose drivers from out of Red Bull for the replacement.

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F1 Red Bull car racer Alexander Albon
F1 Red Bull car racer Alexander Albon

Albon started at sixth and completes 12th at the Algarve circuit. His team partner Max Verstappen was still in the highest 3rd place. The fantastic overtake of Max brought more struggles to Albon. “We are attached to Alex this year, all the team members wants him to hold his place for future” said Homer.

“He is a talented racer, we trust him he will do great things. This was his second year in formula race and it is difficult. It was really very difficult and it is hard to defeat Max. Previously he proved himself and I trust him that he will set back everything after the toughest weekend Imola”.

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Mercedes was in the leading position than Red Bulls and Albon needs 98 points to overcome Max in the Championship. The Red Bull team declares that in future if they want to be a challenging opponent to Mercedes, they need both their racers in good scores.

Mexican Racer Sergio Perez will find his place in his team Racing Point for the upcoming year. The stand in racer Germany’s Nico Hulkenberg will be stand without place in Racing Point. So he will be ready to use, He participates three races for Racing Point.

Homer said that the team will take a decision within few weeks to choose whom with Max and they are not worried about the unavailability of perez and Hulkenberg. He added,” I guess any of these racers will choose Red Bull as their major place and I think they will wait for the results”.