FC Barcelona Presidents Lists Year by Year


List of FC Barcelona Presidents from Walter Wild to Josep Maria Bartomeu

FC Barcelona nick name is “Barça“. It is Spain based Football Club. Fc Barcelona founded in the year 1899 and the club had 40 different presidents till now. The role of the president has they should responsibility for the overall management of the concern club including formally signing contracts with players and team staffs.

This article exposed the list of Ec Barcelona Presidents from Walter Wild to Josep Maria Bartomeu. The longest serving FC Barcelona (Barca) president was Josep Lluis Nunez, occupied from 1978 to 2000.There is 34 out of the 39 FC Barcelona Presidents are Catalans.three Swissmen Walter Wild, Paul Haas and Hans Gamper and One German as Otto Gmelin and an one Englishman as Arthur Witty in the early years of the FCB club.Now a days the president has elected by the club members but in the early days the president was simply choose by club meeting members.

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FC Barcelona Presidents Lists Year by Year

FC Barcelona Official Presidential History Year by Year

President Name Working From Working To Nationality
Walter Wild November 1899 April 1901 English
Bartomeu Terradas April 1901 September 1902 Spanish
Paul Haas September 1902 September 1903 German
Arthur Witty September 1903 October 1905 English
Josep Soler October 1905 October 1906 Spanish
Juli Marial October 1906 November 1908 Spanish
Vicenc Reig November 1908 December 1908 Spanish
Joan Gamper December 1908 October 1909 Swiss
Otto Gmeling October 1909 November 1910 German
Joan Gamper November 1910 June 1913 Swiss
Francesc de Moxo June 1913 July 1914 Spanish
Alvar Presta July 1914 September 1914 Spanish
Joaquim Peris de Vargas September 1914 June 1915 Spanish
Rafael Llopart June 1915 June 1916 Spanish
Gaspar Roses June 1916 June 1917 Spanish
Joan Gamper June 1917 June 1919 Swiss
Ricard Graells June 1919 June 1920 Spanish
Gaspar Roses June 1920 July 1921 Spanish
Joan Gamper July 1921 July 1923 Swiss
Eric Cardona July 1923 June 1924 Spanish
Joan Gamper June 1924 December 1925 Swiss
Arcadi Balaguer December 1925 March 1929 Spanish
Tomas Roses March 1929 June 1930 Spanish
Gaspar Roses June 1930 October 1931 Spanish
Antoni Oliver October 1931 December 1931 Spanish
Joan Coma December 1931 July 1934 Spanish
Esteve Sala July 1934 July 1935 Spanish
Josep Sunyol July 1935 August 1936 Spanish
Managing Commission August 1936 May 1939 N/A
Joan Soler May 1939 March 1940 Spanish
Enrique Pineyro March 1940 July 1942 Spanish
Josep Vidal-Ribas July 1942 August 1942 Spanish
Enrique Pineyro August 1942 August 1943 Spanish
Josep Antoni de Albert August 1943 September 1943 Spanish
Josep Vendrell September 1943 September 1946 Spanish
Agustí Montal Galobart September 1946 July 1952 Spanish
Enric Marti Carreto July 1952 September 1953 Spanish
Francesc Miro-Sans September 1953 February 1961 Spanish
Enric Llaudet February 1961 January 1968 Spanish
Narcis de Carreras January 1968 December 1969 Spanish
Agusti Montal Costa December 1969 December 1977 Spanish
Raimon Carrasco December 1977 July 1978 Spanish
Josep Lluis Nunez July 1978 July 2000 Spanish
Joan Gaspart July 2000 February 2003 Spanish
Enric Reyna February 2003 May 2003 Spanish
Managing Commission May 2003 June 2003 N/A
Joan Laporta June 2003 June 2010 Spanish
Sandro Rosell June 2010 January 2014 Spanish
Josep Maria Bartomeu January 2014 Present Spanish

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