FIFA World Cup Champions List Year by Year


FIFA World Cup Winners/Runners List From 1930 to 2018

The FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world,there is billions of television viewers in every tournament. FIFA World Cup is an International Association Football Competition,it is established in the year 1930.

List of FIFA World Cup Champions,Runners-Up, Year,Final Score ,Venues
List of FIFA World Cup Champions,Runners-Up

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In this FIFA tournament has taken place for every four years, except the year 1942 and 1946.The competition was cancelled due to World War II.The most recent FIFA World Cup, conducted by Russia in the year 2018 and World Cup was won by France,who beat Croatia 4–2 in the regulation time.The first competition has organized in the year 1930 and cup lifted by Uruguay.

List of FIFA World Cup Champions,Runners-Up, Year,Final Score ,Venues

1930 Uruguay 4–2 Argentina Montevideo, Uruguay
1934 Italy 2–1 Czechoslovakia Rome, Italy
1938 Italy 4–2 Hungary Paris, France
1950 Uruguay 2–1 Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1954 West Germany 3–2 Hungary Bern, Switzerland
1958 Brazil 5–2 Sweden Solna, Sweden
1962 Brazil 3–1 Czechoslovakia Santiago, Chile
1966 England 4–2 West Germany London, England
1970 Brazil 4–1 Italy Mexico City, Mexico
1974 West Germany 2–1 Netherlands Munich, West Germany
1978 Argentina 3–1 Netherlands Buenos Aires, Argentina
1982 Italy 3–1 West Germany Madrid, Spain
1986 Argentina 3–2 West Germany Mexico City, Mexico
1990 West Germany 1–0 Argentina Rome, Italy
1994 Brazil 0–0 (3-2) Italy Pasadena, United States
1998 France 3–0 Brazil Saint-Denis, France
2002 Brazil 2–0 Germany Yokohama, Japan
2006 Italy 1-1 France Berlin, Germany
2010 Spain 1–0 Netherlands Johannesburg, South Africa
2014 Germany 1–0 Argentina Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 France 4–2 Croatia Moscow, Russia

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