Florida Govt Jeb Bush talk about Dwyane Wade’s heroism


Florida Gov. Jeb Bush epically fails to trying to call out about Dwyane Wade.

Florida’s Former Governor and presidential candidate Mr.Jeb Bush wanted to say something about Dwyane Wade’s heroics to keep the Heat alive more. It did not go as well as he might have liked Dwyane Wade cool!!.


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Here you can see Jeb Bush’s actual tweet, about Dwyane as well as his since-deleted initial offering, which much more like his presidential campaign, it has a bit of a mess and ended sooner than he intended it.

We had love to give him credit for the redo, but he did not even get it right there as more.

Dwyane Wade had an best eventful Game 6 and he drilled two clutch threes out of nowhere to help drag Miami to a crucial road win and even stared down a Hornets fan in the process of the year. He also more impressed with Jeb bush and which is obviously the most important part of all.