Formula 1 youngest Race Winners List – Max Verstappen as Number 1


This is the one of the quiz question.

  • who is the youngest man to win a Formula 1 champion race?
    The answer is : Max Verstappen from Netherlands.Who finished the first at the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday year of 2016.

But, Do u know who are the other drivers past and present achieved success at their youngest age.

  • who are the other drivers are youngest formula 1 champions? Below are the answers

1. Max Verstappen (18 years, seven months, five days)

Max Verstappen

2. Sebastian Vettel (21 years, two months, 11 days)

Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 player

3. Fernando Alonso (22 years, 26 days)

Fernando Alonso Formula 1 player

4. Troy Ruttman (22 years, two months, 19 days)

Troy Ruttman Formula 1 player

5. Bruce McLaren (22 years, three months, 12 days)

Bruce McLaren Formula 1 player

6. Lewis Hamilton (22 years, five months, three days)

Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 player

7. Kimi Raikkonen (23 years, five months, six days)

Kimi Raikkonen Formula 1 player

8. Robert Kubica (23 years, six months, one day)

Robert Kubica Formula 1 player

9. Jacky Ickx (23 years, six months, six days)

Jacky Ickx Formula 1 player

10. Michael Schumacher (23 years, seven months, 27 days)

Michael Schumacher Formula 1 player