FORMULA1 Qualifying: New format remains in place after bosses disagree


FORMULA 1: The Coming schedule of Formula 1’s qualifying format remains shrouded in confusion once after bosses failed to agree on a change for the next race in which is starts in Bahrain.

FORMULA1 Qualifying

All Teams has decided at the next season opening race in Australia to ditch the new elimination system and revert to the one that had been in place for the year 2015.

In this time F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says, “there will be more talks early next month”.

At that moment the new format, which saw drivers eliminated every 90 seconds through three sessions of qualifying, came in for criticism in Melbourne last week end.

Instead of this the teams were presented with this two options:

1. To retain the rules used in Melbourne that proved so it is unpopular.
2. stick with all the elimination format for the first two sessions of qualifying team but with an extra minute’s duration, followed by a final qualifying session run as it had been which is in 2015.

What he suggest the teams two options:

1. Best is adopt the new elimination format.
2. Keep the last 2015 arrangement and have the top eight re-ordered afterwards, moving the fastest cars backwards on the grid.

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