Has Lewis Hamilton replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferarri next year?


Ferrari team said, “We are strongly focused about our drivers and we are planning to consider Sebastian Vettel as our option at the current moment.”

Has Lewis Hamilton replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferarri next year

Team boss Mr.Mattia Binotto said on Tuesday,

In the Charles Leclerc next year Sebastian Vettel is Ferrari‘s first choice,and they despite speculation that they must want 6 time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is still in the same position with Formula One champions Mercedes, because the Briton is expected to stay.

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“But in any way Vettel is our first choice at this moment, and it is our preference” they said. “Really i feel young enough, If you spoke about Lewis, he is even 35-year-older who can equal with Ferrari great Michael Schumacher‘s record seven
time championships this year.

In the year 2019 December, Ferrari has extended 22 year old Leclerc’s contract to the end of the year 2024.

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