Indian Cool Captain Dhoni loses his cool after being obstructed on the pitch fined 75 Percent


INFOSPORTSWORLD : Indian One day Captain cool Dhoni loses his cool after being obstructed on the pitch so he get fined 75 Percent match fees.The captain of the Indian cricket team in one day 50-50 format, Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Thursday he got bit tensioned debutant from Bangladesh Mustafizur Rahman after being obstructed on the way running between the two wickets. For this incident the indian wicket-keeper + batsman has been fined 75% of his match fees and the bowler was charged 50% of his match fees.

dhoni mustafizur
dhoni mustafizur

This incident has happened on the second ball of the 25th over. Bangladesh team Batted first and scored 307 runs. Dhoni wanted to take a quick bit single and while running, he bumped into bangladesh Mustafizur Rahman.Due to this the argument whether the collision was intentional or unintentional is evenly split and with one group claiming that Dhoni inadverdently did that for purposly while the other group accused Dhoni of unsportsmanlike approach.The Indian skipper dhoni clearly explained this to umpires after the collision and it was later said that Dhoni was penalized for his actions and it was fined 75% of his match fee.

While this incident happened immediately collision and Bangladeshi fans raised their voices and against Captain Dhoni on the ground.The Bangladeshi fans were already angry against indian team because of wrong decision against Rohit Sharma in the world cup.

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