Indian Golfer Anirban Lahiri Placed T-72 After the First Round in Hawaii


Anirban Lahiri, the Indian professional golfer made a humble start in the year’s beginning at Hawaii. He was placed number 72nd in the Sony Open after completing his first round of the game.

He initiates the game of the back nine and this was his seventh year on the PGA Tour. He hit a birdie on 12th, one bogey on 16th and again one birdie on 18th.

In the game he missed lot of opportunities to hit a birdie and also his performance was not so good on his second nine. In the beginning he hit a bogey and later he scored many pars later his birdie on 18 makes him much happy.

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“I gave my best and I have plenty of opportunities to hit a good score but I missed the chance. I am little worried about my game in this round. I missed most of the hits because of the speed, and at some place a little firm through the break and some were short on the line. This makes me sad and not allowing me to celebrate for the holes which I succeed”, Said Lahiri.

“I made some poor tee shorts on the first hole and made another after some time in the front nine. I just went a little out from the game and it loss the touch from the game. I scored well to hit a par in the front nine but I left many good chances because of my poor performance”.

“Plenty of birdies can make the game easier but I didn’t make much good chances for me. I made some good par but I am not happy with my total game”, added he.

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He was much sure about his selection to the next round.

Lahiri says that, “Hope I will enter the next round and I have to quit and improve my progress. In a round I have to gain some momentum and score 2-3-4 birdies continuously. I will concentrate in my second round”.