Main Rules of Thumb for all American Playing Golf in Europe


The American golfers are planning about how to perform well in the upcoming British Open.

They agree to call this match as Open Championship. It is the right time to focus on rules for playing golf in the United Kingdom.

Enlist a looper 

Caddies not only assist golfers to navigate all unfamiliar courses, but give them enough assistance to expose them to the different culture, fatalistic humour, seasoned with dry and communicated in the brogue which must needs a translator in the group.

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Lighten the load of the loop

If players own the tour bag, then they can get enough assistance to lighten the looper’s load. They have to understand that caddie is a human and not a pack mule.  They are ready to swap such big and bulky thing for anything which would not incur the wrath of caddie or an airport handling fee.

Main Rules of Thumb for all American Playing Golf in Europe
Main Rules of Thumb for all American Playing Golf in Europe

Ixnay on the Ulligan-Mays

Many people wish to play the part of the ugly American and talk loudly regarding this subject. They demand instant service and ask for the nearest McDonald’s. They may smack a second shot on the tee at the first time and do not call a free do-over a Mulligan.

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Hats off in the clubhouse

Golf acquired loads of stodgy and strange customs. Golfers are advised to hats off in the clubhouse.

Easy on the practice swings

Golfers can take one right prior to the hit when they required. However, this is not when they wait on the tee. They have to remember that tearing up the gratuitous divot is similar to leaving whisky in the glass.

Obey the marching orders

Golf players must obey the marching orders all through the match in the UK. Experts in this sports sector refer to the R&R’s recent decision regarding the request of John Daly to ride around the Royal Portrush. Players will be walking. There is no golf cart is allowed here. Be prepared as many possibilities for lots of rain.

4-hour is more than enough  

The golf does not required to be a sprint. You may have an idea of a grand old time 5-hour on the link. You must consider staying the State-side. Golfers find the bar is the only place where they might linger for at the British course. They have to avoid asking where the driving range as there probably is not one to access.

Make fashion non-statement

The average British golfer is not inclined on the way to peacocking in some flashy colors with respect to Ian Poulter. Sartorial aesthetic of these players are inspired by the British erotic fiction in the best-selling category. American golfers are advised to think 50 Shades of Grey when they are packing for their trip.

Bag the bag drop

Plodding and strange rituals in which players may pull up to the engine idling, clubhouse and pop the trunk to give a chance to a working-for-tips attendant may unpack golfers’ sticks and plot them on the range or strap them on the cart.

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