Miandad set to coach Pakistan again

Karachi: previous captain Javed Miandad on Monday spoken his desire to coach the Pakistan cricket team once again if the PCB decides to replace the accused players and the management in England in the wake of the match-fixing scandal. Miandad, a experienced person of 124 Tests, said that he was ready to step in and assist the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in the midst of the biggest fixing scandal to have hit the world cricket.
“I can take charge and manage things but first the board has to recall the players accused of spot-fixing and the present organization from England. We need to ground a new look side and new organization for the One-Day series in England,” Miandad told PTI. The previous batting great, who is now the director-general of cricket in PCB, said he had aired his mind and now the ball rests on the board’s court.
“I am forever there for Pakistan cricket and these latest spot-fixing scandal has hurt me immensely. It is harmful for Pakistan cricket and the board needs to steps of its own to set things right,” Miandad said. Miandad, who was coach of the nationwide team thrice in the past, said PCB should immediately recall those players from England who were under the scanner.
“I don’t want to say much now but it is perceptible the management failed. We have enough talent in Pakistan to field a new look side in the ODI series. We should make a fresh start and try to clear this tainted image,” Miandad said. Miandad, though, declined to make any comments when asked if he felt it was time for PCB chairman Ejaz Butt to resign.
“seem I don’t want to go into that. The chairman has been appointed by the chief patron of the board and only he can decide who will run cricket affairs,” he said. “I am a member of this board and I have the attention of Pakistan cricket at heart. That is why I am suggestive of these radical steps. The investigations will go on but we need to understand that we can’t carry on playing like this in the ODIs with all this pressure on the team,” the former captain added.