No Retirement Before 45 and Two More World Cup on the Way- Chris Gayle


The Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle said that he has no plan to get retire and there are two more world cup matches to play on his way.

The Cricket star reached his 41 age but he has no idea to leave the game. He was widely known for his great attack against the competitors and he was more cunning in the match and used to send the bowlers on a leather hunt.

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No Retirement Before 45 and Two More World Cup on the Way- Chris Gayle
No Retirement Before 45 and Two More World Cup on the Way- Chris Gayle

The West Indies opener was very interested to play on both 2021 and 2022 T20 World cup. In 2021 the match will be conducted in India and in 2022 it will be held on Australia.

Gayle said in the Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC) sidelines that for next five years he will continue batting and expose his skills in the best way. “No idea to get retired, before 45 there is no plan to leave. I hope that I have 5 more years and have to play 2 more World Cup matches”.

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Ultimate Kricket Challenge was a division of brand new gladiatorial cricket series. For the Dubai Company the batsman has stalwarts like Yuvraj Singh, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Kevin Pietersen and Rashid Khan.

Gayle was asked that how the idea of playing individually works, he said that “In the cricket game it was the newly added idea. You never understand that but at the mean time it’s other options were amazing and simply you can relate it. This game will be entirely different from the previous indoor game you know. Inside the game everyone will know what’s going pertaining to the UKC”.

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He was asked that If age is just a number he replied “sure, yes”.

He also mocked that, he don’t like rushing for a run without scoring a six. “The practice which I am not comfortable with is when you rush for a run while you have the chance to hit six”, he smiled.

He reveals the rules he like when they asked, “I like to make a change of bowler and you no need to throw 15 balls as like the ACE bowler. For any specific match you can select the bowler as of your wish and this was my most liked rule. Not every batsman was good in bowling because they are not good in that so the chance of selecting the bowler was most liked by me. This will give them hand to dismiss them within 15 balls in the first innings and the second innings. I am happy about the rules which were genuine”.