Premier League Soccer : Wolves defeat Leeds by the goal rush shot of Raul Jimenez


Wolverhampton Wanderers overcame Leeds United in the English Premier League soccer match at England. Wolves won the game luckily by 1 point leading than Leeds.

In this match Wolverhampton’s Raul Jimenez scored his fourth goal in this season. He records his name for goal rush in this match and his last hit become the winning turning point of his team.

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His spectacular performance made the match most viewed league in the world and the viewing interest was higher when comparing with the first five rounds.

47th match of English Premier League (EPL) had a clash with West Bromwich Albion and Burnley. The match was tie and there are no goals in this match.

In this 48th match Raul Jimenez second shot from the penalty area scored goal across the Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips. It gives victory to the team Wolves at the tip.

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In their 46 matches they scored 171 goals. It is to be noted that after the beginning of this Premier league from the year of 2002 no one sees such a rate scoring. In the ranking board Wolves team level up into 6th position over the Leeds United.  But Leeds failed to reach the third position in this match.

Before Jimenez scoring his third ball of this season, Romain Saiss throw a hit but Video Assistant Referees (VAR) rejects the goal because the ball goes beyond the prescribed line.

Last season Raul Jimenez, the Mexican scored 17 goals. In the fourth match Burnley scored their first point in this season.

Both the teams West Brom and Burnley have to win nine combined games. It seems like they reached the target and they were in the midst of other teams in the fight to get rid of degrade.

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