Rafael Nadal becomes the 4th Person to Complete his 1000th win in France


Spanish player Rafael Nadal completes his 1000 winning matches in the Paris Masters tennis tournament at the Bercy Arena. This great record brings out enormous encouragements and respect to the star tennis player Rafael Nadal.

He was the fourth person overall to achieve this massive number 1000. First three positions were seated by Jimmy Connors (1,274), Roger Federer (1,242) and Ivan Lendl (1,068). Rafael achieved this great victory at Bercy Arena which has 20,000 seating capacity. But due to the pandemic conditions no fans were there and the stadium remains completely empty.

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Rafael Nadal becomes the 4th person to complete his 1000th win
Rafael Nadal becomes the 4th person to complete his 1000th win

It makes to feel like a library rather than Sports stadium, Rafael shared his feeling,” The empty stadium makes a great variation, but the real inner emotion is completely different”.

“It is really a good number 1,000 and it is not equal to something to celebrate without audience”, Said the 34 aged Spanish.

In the court they had a little celebration and he gave a pose to photo near the net and the big number 1000, later he left the court like same as the other matches. In French it was his second mighty success, previous month he won the French Open and 1,000 fans were there to cheer him up in the Roland Garros. But with his 1000th win no one is there to wish him at the Bercy Arena.

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He said that,” Without audience it is really disappointing, the energy level will differ. So the number of fans 1000 or 1500 or 2000 is not a great number”.

At Bercy Arena he had a clash with Feliciano Lopez. Lopez headed in the first set later it was reversed and Nadal defeats Lopez for 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4. Nadal Start his first success when he was 15, he defeats Paraguayan Ramon Delgado at Mallorca in the first round. In his 16 he proved his amazing talent to tennis world by defeating French Open champion Albert Costa at the Monte Carlo Masters.

He completed his 500 wins in his 24th age which contains 35 Masters Title and 86 tournament victories. He reached his 1000 wins in the age of 34.

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