Roger Federer tests a New Racket to Change for the Upcoming US Open


Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer tests a new tennis racket with an aim to find how it is helpful to the player and upgrade their equipment.

Roger sticks with his existing equipment and tests the latest tennis racket. He has successfully won 20 Grand Slams and used Wilson rackets. He has the best things in his locker at all times. For example, he has the pro staff in the locker with the company renowned for its dedication to manufacturing the RF97 for the Swiss professional tennis player.  Advancements in the design and development of the tennis rackets encourage the tennis players to focus on specifications of such products and use the suitable products.

Roger Federer tests a New Racket to Change for the Upcoming US Open
Roger Federer tests a New Racket to Change for the Upcoming US Open

Wilson has released the video revealing that Federer uses a new racket and set to stick with the existing RF97 for the upcoming tennis match US Open. All viewers of this video watch that how the 37-year-old Swiss professional tennis player who lost in the final of the Wimbledon to Novak Djokovic in the beginning of this month uses the Clash racket from the Wilson. On the other hand, the company purposefully captioned the video with the title in the question form starts with “Roger Federer switching to Clash?”

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Roger Federer continues using his Pro Staff RF97. He is a dedicated partner to this popular brand and known by his commitment to play testing as well as providing real feedback on the latest innovations associated with the professional tennis. He has previously spoken about his association with Wilson and how much changing the tennis racket can assist his game.

Roger switched to a 97-square-inch frame five years ago and believes it has helped his game so far. He understood and ensured that the backend has gotten better than ever as he has been able to put in several hours onto the racquet now. He feels very comfortable with the current racquet and gained enough confidence stepping into it. He thinks that it was the best work he had in the off season.

Tennis players do not play 10 backhand-to-backhand shots. On the other hand, they practice such things in a practice session and let them ingrained in the system. They require the best footwork as the footwork is vital to be on the top of the ball in the professional tennis match. Roger has so much success in his sports career. He felt very great about his old racket which has changed t in 2002. There were some variations in the tennis rackets all the way till 2014.

Roger Federer understands that it was the right time for him to change in the best possible manner. He was happy to change and talking to Wilson always regarding what else could experts create with technology as a huge impact of the string technology in the professional tennis sector in recent years. Tremendous nature of the tennis racket technology is mainly because its best changes from wooden rackets to the best material of the current rackets.