The Latest news About the Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo


Fans of football around the world wish to know the latest updates of professional football players. It is the right time to focus on the recent news about the Portuguese professional footballer and Spanish professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Well experienced prosecutors in Las Vegas say that Cristiano Ronaldo would not face the criminal charge regarding the allegations he raped a woman in 2009 at a popular Las Vegas hotel.

The Latest news About the Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo
The Latest news About the Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo

Steve Wolfson is a Clark County district attorney said that no proper evidence to prove the allegations about the bad assault against Cristiano Ronaldo is available and this allegation cannot be proven further than a reasonable doubt as per the review of the information submitted.  He said that no charge will be forthcoming.

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Kathryn Mayorga is an accuser of Ronaldo. He came forward with the story last year and filed a civil lawsuit in opposition to the footballer in the United States federal court. She claims that he initially used fixers to stop her pursuing all the criminal charges such as paying $375,000 in order to keep quiet.

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Peter Christiansen is a lawyer of Ronaldo and he has not denied that his client successfully reached an agreement almost a decade ago with Mayorga. Mayorga says that she comes up with her story in the wake of the popular movement #MeToo.

Peter Christiansen ensures that Mayorga and Ronaldo had sex in the consensual way. Mayorga said that she only agreed to kiss him so that he would leave her stay alone. However, Ronaldo forced her into sex. Mayorga said that Ronaldo didn’t leave again after he assaulted her in her speech to Der Spiegel in 2008. She filed a complaint with the world’s famous Las Vegas police the next day the alleged assault in a decade ago. However, she refused to mention the name of the assailant.

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Wolfson clearly mention that this situation was the main reason why Las Vegas police were not able to find any forensic evidence. He revealed that the video footage of communication between Ronaldo and Mayorga was lost. Mayorga was in shock for almost a couple of months when the alleged assault prior to deciding to end the matter by agreeing to the settlement. Las Vegas police reopened this investigation last year and Mayorga came forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo denied claims of Mayorga. He firmly denied the overall accusations being issued in opposition to him. In general, rape is one of the abominable crimes go against all things that he believe in. He said that he refused to feed the local, national and international media spectacle formed by people who wish to use chances to promote themselves regardless of the expense. He has a clear conscious that he let himself await with the tranquillity the overall results of all investigations.

As one of the most successful sports persons in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo related news attracts the sports media and encourages football fans to know about his cases in the court. The 34-year-old footballer is a 5-time winner of the annual award Ballon d’Or for the best footballer worldwide.