The Main Attractions of the German Grand Prix


The German Grand Prix is one of the most popular motor races and has been held since 1926. There were 75 races held so far at only three venues in its entire history. This race was became the part of the F1 World Championship in 1951. The fast approaching mid-season break encourages fans of this motor race to keep listening to the recent updates about it. There are many reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of this motor race. You can focus on the following details and get an over view regarding such things.

An iconic venue is the foremost reason behind the highest possible popularity of this motor race. There are so many changes in the circuit layout over the years. On the other hand, Hockenheim is the one associated with the Formula 1 game till now. Hockenheimring hosted in 1970 at first and 1977 to 84 again. The constant run of races in the longest genre was from 1986 to 2006. The maximum changes to the circuit take place in these two decades. The last race in the old 6.8km layout held was in 2001. The current circuit race has only 4.5km track we use today. The world championship round held in 1951 at Nurburgring which makes the race popular at Hockenheim. There was an arrival of some Michael Schumacher on the scene.

The Main Attractions of the German Grand Prix
The Main Attractions of the German Grand Prix

The stadium section is the next attraction of this leading race. Unique elements in the layout give the best value and encourage audiences to keep watching the race as enjoyable as possible from the beginning to end. There were some dramatic moments delivered by the existing Hockenheimring. There are some challenging sections in this region for all the drivers. For example, this section of this stadium retains its punishing aspect with the highest possible gravel trap approximately at the exit of the maximum speed turn 11 when drivers enter this stadium.

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Mercedes put on a show make viewers happy and give them curiosity to explore this sport further. This year marks Mercedes motorsport’s 125 years. The German team has a plan to mark this anniversary at their home race as special as possible. Mercedes is the title sponsor of the German Grand Prix and planning to be present in the special way. There will be loads of very interesting and entertaining events to mark this occasion. For example, exclusive retro touches around the Mercedes throughout the week celebrating the anniversary.

Michael Schumacher gets renowned by his exclusive performance and victory on four seasons of the German Grand Prix. Three of these are from Ferrari. He beat Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in 2004 to take the victory 11th times of the season and the championship in the Ferrari F2004. His title would be the last of the record seven and won the championship a couple of races subsequent to his victory in Hockenheim. He will drive a classic Ferrari. His son Mick, a qualified sportsperson is racing in the F2 followed by sealing the European F3 title last year.