The Main Reasons Behind the Stunning Wimbledon Rise of Coco Gauff


Tennis enthusiasts worldwide are surprised to see the performance of the 15-year-old burst Coco Gauff forward in the first week at the Wimbledon.

People know how talented she is and understand that she is good enough to play against the Venus Williams, the five-time champion in the first round and Polona Hercog in the third round. She has the ability to alter her game and show various things to get the job done.  She enhances her skills to play well and ensures about a good improvement in the performance on a regular basis especially in the last one year.

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The main reasons behind the stunning Wimbledon rise of Coco Gauff
The main reasons behind the stunning Wimbledon rise of Coco Gauff

Serena Williams is surprised with the overall wonderful performance of Coco Gauff at Wimbledon. She ensures that she is on a different level beyond doubt and capable and ready. The overall serve of Gauff is a big weapon with the fastest 117mph that is 189km/h reveals her talents. She has two-handed backhand with attractive things when she flicks it cross-court. Decent sliced backhand of Guff does not fail to attract all audiences. She is happy and comfortable to approach the net. She has lots of good signs about the best performance.

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Athleticism is one of the main reasons behind the enhanced performance of Gauff beyond doubt. Gauff has won the junior title at the French Open after 13-months of her sports career. She is a young girl with plenty of talent and a dedication to playing in the professional manner. She has revealed her skills by some of the balls she has reached against the qualified players Williams and Hercog. This is because she moves well and the overall quickness of her moves rattles her opponents who go for broke fearing.

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Serena Williams pointed out some similarities between Venus and Gauff in terms of the way they have played especially in the move. Gauff will have a good career as her fitness and willingness to improve her performance. Powerful legs of Guff are the springboard for the serve, smash and everything she does.

Many people think about how much Guff wishes to succeed. They can focus on the Gauff’s match against Hercog. This is because she dug deep, down a set and 5-2, 5-3 and 4-1.   She pushed on one more time for the wine when Gercog recovered her poise. She really likes to play, compete and win. She tries her best on every point. She has the kind of attitude same as Rafael Nadal.

Iva Majoli, the former French Open champion played her first grand slam soon after her 15-th birthday and said that the overall desire to play is the key to succeed at a young age. Every viewer of the performance of Guff can see her overall passion for the game and work very hard with an aim to succeed. The coach of Serena Williams was delighted to look at the excitement in her eyes and her performance at the 15-year. She uses every chance to improve the overall performance and ensures about how she learns day after day.

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