The Secret to the New Schedule of Golf is Still a Secret


There is an unusual conclusion to the major season in the end of British Open. However, for many players, the overall adjustments regarding how to peak for the main events of the sport remains guesswork and uncertainty.

Justin Rose is the number one golfer in the word. Five months ago, he has planned to do something unusual. Rose took an entire month off when many players ramp up their playing schedules from early February to March. This new approach to a new conundrum attracted almost every golfer worldwide. Many people think about how to master the new major championship schedule this year put golfers 4 events of the career defining type in the rapid succession.

The secret to the new schedule of golf is still a secret
The secret to the new schedule of golf is still a secret

The main purpose of this issue was to be fresh required for the majors. This situation backfired beyond doubt. Rose missed the cut at Masters and contended only at one major that is the U.S. Open, in which he finished tied for third.

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PGA championship may move from August to May subsequent to the end of the British Open. Justin Thomas is the 2017 PGA Champion. He revealed that he really thinks about it. He would say that there will be 40 or 50 guys in the room before this year to tell players their schedule before the actual season started.

The main reason behind the schedule change was the business. For example, the PGA Tour required its FedEx Cup playoffs over prior to the NFL Season. On the other hand, The PGA of America is a different organization and acquiesced for moving its championship with support from the overall broadcast partner CBS and the overall interests to avoid the conflict with Olympics.

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Brooks Koepka won the PGA championship and the overall ratings for such championship were significantly reduced from 2018. There will be the 3-week FedEx Cup next month. However for the players who supported the changes in the schedule when such things announced now has been a competitive impact. Players who did not fare well under the schedule of the major-a-month now do not seem to like it same as they did in the abstract.

Brooks Koepka Golf player
Brooks Koepka Golfer

Rose called this situation as too condensed and ensured that the preparation process required for the majors sometimes takes over a month. FedEx Cup has driven it and expecting to finish on a schedule and ensuring all things to fit in the best positions. Rose said that a major championship must be the things which protect the most. This is how every golfer’s career is going to be calculated.

Koepka came through the schedule better than anyone. He finished in top 2 at his first 3 majors. He tied for 4th at Royal Portrush. He seemed gassed by June and said that he was yawning on the course at the Travellers Championship. He ensured that mental grind of in the contention at majors far exceeds playing in them. He referred his victory more than a month before and said that he does not think he is over the PGA.

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