Tiger Woods has no swing coach and is in no hurry for that


Tiger Woods recently spoke at a media to announcing a new sponsor for his December tournament on Monday and the subject of a new swing coach was broached.

Woods said, “Am I looking for a new coach? As of right now, no and I’m not. “Right now I am just trying to get physically better, stronger and faster, more explosive.”

“I am in no hurry to look for one new coach right now,” Woods continued. “As I said, I am just focused on what I am still doing.”

What he is actually doing he doesn’t include swinging a golf club so, you know, there is not a big need for a coach when you aren’t swinging.

This will makes become a lot more interesting as January approaches and Woods start now preparing for Augusta.

The plan was to start making golf swings either late September or early October, and then if I started early October I had two full months to prepare to play in the Hero World Cup Challenge.”