Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country


Every one loves Sports including Australians. They used to spent more time in sports activities.In the country of Australia they get more success in sports specially in cricket. It doesn’t matter whether it is football, swimming, cycling, tennis,Basketball or any of other sports that we love to get involved. Australians love sports and their government encourages much more to sports peoples.

Every Australian sports person have a common question which is the Most Popular Sports in Australian Country.So here we have done our research to found the most popular sports in Australia.


Swimming - Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

Most of the Australian’s doing swimming as regular basis and it is Australia’s most popular sport.More than 3.2 million people regularly involved in it.There is no age limit and male ,female variations.Childrens involvement is huge almost half (49.4%) of all children aged between 6-13. Australian parents are encouraged to teach their children to swim from their early age.


Cycling-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

The second top most Sport in Australia is Cycling. Because of childrens start to learn how to ride a bike at a very young age. Parents encouraged them to participating in any social sports competitions.Over 2.8 million people participating in it,10.8% of all Australians take part.As of now around 59% of all Australian homes has a bicycle. For this Cycling sport get second position.

Tour DE France – In the year 2011 Cadel Evans became the first Australian to win cycling medal .
London Olympics – In the year 2012 Anna Meares won her second gold medal


Soccer - Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

The Third most popular sports in Australia is Soccer. Since 1800’s,Australians played Soccer and over 2 million peoples currently playing soccer in the country of Australia.More than 48.7% players participating Soccer and especially childrens aged from 6 to 13.


Dancing -Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

Dancing become the top fourth popular activity in Australia. In Australia more than 1.6 million people dance, for this 743,000 of them children aged between just 6 to 13. Dance is an one of the most important traditional past time in the lives of many Australian people.In Australian Curriculum Dance is also one part.So parents encouraged children to expose to dance from their young age.


Basket ball-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

Basketball is one of the favorite sports choice of childrens in Australia. Basketball sport has get more popularity here and grow more.More than 1.13 million peoples participant currently in Australia country.Patty Mills, Ben Simmons,Andrew Bogut and Andrew Dellavedova are the top most Australian players in the NBA.

6. AFL

AFL -Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

The AFL (Australian Football League) is one of the most played and watched sports in Australia, especially in Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Western Australia. With over 1.5 million participants, its popularity continues to grow every year. The football code also boasts some of the best athletes from Australia.


Tennis-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country
Australian Open Tennis is an one of the favorite event in Australia.Tennis is also a very competitive sport in Australia. Over than 960,000 people play tennis in Australia. Australia is also one of the second most successful Davis Cup nation of all the time,they won 28 occasions.


Cricket-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country
In Australia Cricket is one of the Summer’s most popular sport.In our research nearly 631,000 children and 328,000 adults play the game Cricket regularly in Australia.Sir Donald Bradman, Ricky Ponting and Shane Warne,Dave Warner, Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell are some of the greatest cricketers of all time.

9. NRL

NRL-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country

NRL – National Rugby League.NRL is one of the top most popular sports in Australia. In Australia there are approximately 170,000 registered players for National Rugby League(NRL)throughout Australia, however over 770,000 people play different versions of this sport.


Netball-Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australian Country
Netball has been introduced to Australia in 1897,It has played by women and children of all ages,approximately 503,000 children and 343,000 adults has played regularly. Liz Ellis, Sharelle McMahon, Catherine Cox, Natalie Medhurst and Vicki Wilson are Australia’s most famous netball.

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