Top Ranked Mike and Bob Bryan Says Goodbye Before US Open 2020


Bryan brothers, Mike and Bob reveals their retirement on Thursday before US Open 2020, their words undoubtedly shows the affection towards their fans.

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Top ranked Californian pairs decides to put a full stop in their professional Career, they were the top ranked doubles team in the world for 438 weeks, and most successful men’s double team in the history of Tennis.


These pair made many records in this century in their 22 years of professional journey, let’s we see

Records of Mike and Bob Bryan:

  • 119 titles
  • 16 Grand slams
  • 39 ATP Masters 1000s
  • 4 times ATP Finals title
  • In 2014, First team to achieve Career Golden Masters
  • Won all the 9 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Tournament
  • In 2012, won Olympic Gold in London
  • In 2017, part of the US Davis Cup Winning Team

Mike Bryan says, “His goodbyes to the fans, he feel blessed for the long stay in this game of doubles and he was grateful for the opportunity which was provided to him in the early years”.

“Mike decides this is the right time to move on to the next stage in life, he feels a great completeness in this 20 years of career”.

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Bob Bryan proudly says, “That they devoted themselves completely to Tennis, and they going to miss the upcoming competitions, fellowships of the co players, excitements, and encouragements of fans. He also added that these brothers loyalty is so strong and they are leaving this profession with heart fullness”.

In 2018, When bob got an injury in his hip, Mike attempt 2 Grand Slam titles with Jack Soak, they conclude their careers with a team record of 1,108-359.

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