Tottenham Hotspur Defeats Burnley in the 76th minute of Premier League


In the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur team won the match against Burnley for 1-0 win. The South Korean player Son Heung-min’s Header attack made a goal for spurs in the 76th minute and the team won the match by his leading performance.


In this season it was the eighth league goal of Son Heung min but he remained unnoticed at the back post. Jose Mourinho’s was the manager of Tottenham Hotspur. Harry Kane’s shot to Erik Lamela corner gives a third win in the total six matches.

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Also Kane’s defending helps spurs as he overcame James Tarkowski who was the header of the line. Spurs teams show more concentration in the ball but Sean Dyche , the manager of Burnley was having leading score points.

In his 20th minute Ashley Barnes eliminates for playoffs and Ashley Westwood’s slow drive was defeated by Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris. In the Premier League Son Heung was the leading scorer and Kane is the leading creator by the help of his total eight leagues.

The team manager Mourinho encourages Kane to play in major role. After the South Korean player, Lucas Moura was the second person to give a fabulous attack in campaign and scores 16 in 6 games.

South Korean player Son Heung-min
South Korean player Son Heung-min

The English footballer Kane said that,” It is very nice, each and every player must score high and help to reach the top position. For few days I and Sonny had a good companionship in game and we hopes that it will go as usual. Today we didn’t get much amazing result but Sonny did his best and defeat Burnley for 1-0 was really great.”

After the match Kane gives a report,” Today is a big day, it is very hard to fight against this difficult game, and it is not so easy to overcome. You have to collect three points from these games for raising the level in the end of this tournament.”

The team Burnley is waiting for very long periods, Burnley manager Dyche feels there are some positive moves in his team.

He said that,” Excellent performance was given, we have to believe our self and our actions. From the past two matches we have learned and show our strength, how much we can perform. Tonight we have scored many soft goals and also we have defeated many good goals”.

“It was really a hard start to the season in every way, from my point of view I can say that the past two games led the way to players to put back everything and we have to maintain it all over the game”.

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