Victoria Azarenka Defeats Serena and Enters Finals to met Naomi Osaka


In US Open 2020 semi finals Victoria Azarenka gave a tough fight to Serena Williams 1-6, 6-3, 6-3. Serena loss her chance of winning her 24th Grand Slam title to make the record equal with Margaret Court.

Victoria Azarenka lost her previous two finals 2012 and 2013 to Serena but this year she is going to face the finals with Japanese player Naomi Osaka at Flushing Meadows, New York.


Belarusian said that she need a great strength emotionally to defeat the 38 aged American. During the third set Serena needs a medical time out to re-tape her left angle due to Achilles problem.

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On Court interview, Azarenka says that in the whole game she was trying to cope up a calm mind and makes the body continue. In the first set Serena makes all her hope fall later she find energy to  come up but it’s not easy she said.

Serena was really disappointed by this defeat because after winning her 23rd Grand Slam title in Australian open 2017, she is eagerly waiting for her next slam.

Serena Says that “ It was really disappointing but I am sure I gave my best today, Other times I’ll feel like I was very close, I could perform much better. But today I feel I gave my best”.

Serena was six times US Open Champion; she keeps winning all the top players in Arthur Ashe Stadium court. At the same time Azarenka struggles a lot to manage. In the first set she made four double faults and in out of 15 first-serve points she won 6. She also made 10 unforced errors and seems so tensed.

After seven years, Azarenka is playing her first grand slam semi final. In spite of facing some explosive hitting of Serena, Azarenka managed to withstand that was really her major improvement.

Azarenka commit only one unforced error after winning her 75% of first serve points. In the third set when Serena taking her medical time out the 31 year old, twice Australian Champion went to a deep meditative state, she didn’t gave any reaction even an insect sits on her nose, she simply waits to restart the match. Later Azarenka won the match and got qualified to finals.

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