Vietnam Cancels Formula 1 Grand Prix Due to COVID-19


Vietnam’s organisers gave an official report that,” Vietnam cancels the Grand Pix formula 1 race due to the COVID-19 pandemic”. Usually the Grand Pix held in the month of April at Hanoi but it was postponed in the beginning due to the pandemic situation.


Vietnam Grand Pix organisation report a statement in email says “This decision was really difficult but we have to take the right action in this unsure pandemic situation”. And also they mentioned that the sold tickets will be refunded.

Ministry of Health shows a data that totally 1,110 people got affected by COVID-19 in Vietnam and 35 deaths recorded by this pandemic.

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Vietnam cut down the number of races from 22 to 17 and Vietnam become the 13th race due to the cut down in this year. Formula one was postponed from March to July and at last it was finalised in the month of August with total six rounds of racing.

Officials planned to hold the race in the month of November but Vietnam Grand Pix Chief Executive Le Ngoc Chi said that in case of safety cancelling the race was the only option.

In the month of August they gave a report that Formula One rejects Chinese Grand Prix because of adding four more races Turkey-1, Bahrain-2, and Abu Dhabi-1 in the month of November and December.

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