Virat kohli “Captaincy is not an easy job, you have to maintain your focus more”


Cricket: India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli said, “Captaincy is not an easy job as one also needs to be patient at all times.”While our team keeps winning,confidence will grows automatically.You do have more challenging situations,You have to maintain your full focus to play, as too many changes send wrong message, you need to stay focused.


“I have really enjoyed it (captaincy) and i relish making more plans with our team bowlers, as when it comes off, that feeling really hard to explain.I wish to like the fact that am always involved in this things, active, it fits me perfectly,” said Virat Kohli.


There was recently a viral question on styles of captaincy towards former Test captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni‘s style without naming him. But Virat Kohli gave a diplomatic reply to all. “he laughed” and said, “I have my own style”.

“That really what happens it when different individuals are captaining at the position.Different people have different ways of thinking and making it to work. He said, “I don’t think more we should compare two individuals when they are playing for the same country”.

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