When Will WhatsApp Stop Working on iPhone 6?



WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging app that connects billions of users worldwide, is constantly evolving to provide better features and security. However, as technology advances, some older devices may no longer be able to support these updates. iPhone 6, a once-popular smartphone, is among the devices facing this dilemma. In this article, we will delve into when WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone 6 and the reasons behind this decision.

The WhatsApp Lifecycle

WhatsApp, like any other software, follows a lifecycle. It undergoes regular updates, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. However, to keep up with these changes, older devices eventually need to be phased out. iPhone 6, released in September 2014, has served its users faithfully, but its hardware and software are showing signs of aging.

WhatsApp’s Decision

WhatsApp has a history of discontinuing support for older devices. The company prioritizes security and user experience, and as technology progresses, older devices may not be able to meet the app’s evolving requirements. WhatsApp announced its decision to stop providing support for iPhone 6 and older devices in early 2021.

The Phasing Out Process

While WhatsApp announced the discontinuation of support for iPhone 6, it didn’t happen overnight. The process occurred in stages to allow users ample time to transition to newer devices if they wished to continue using the app. Let’s explore the timeline of this phasing out process:

Announcement (Early 2021): WhatsApp officially announced that it would no longer support iPhone 6 and older devices. This gave users nearly a year to prepare for the eventual discontinuation.

End of 2021: Starting from December 31, 2021, WhatsApp ceased to provide updates and security patches for iPhone 6. This meant that users with older devices were stuck with the last available version of the app.

Limited Functionality (Mid-2022): Although the app could still be used on iPhone 6 after 2021, it was no longer capable of receiving new features, improvements, or security enhancements. Users had to contend with a frozen version of WhatsApp.

Final Cutoff (2023): As of early 2023, WhatsApp has officially stopped working on iPhone 6. Users with these devices can no longer send or receive messages through the app.

The Reasons Behind the Decision

WhatsApp’s decision to stop supporting iPhone 6 is rooted in several factors:

Security: As technology evolves, so do security threats. WhatsApp regularly updates its encryption and security features to protect users’ messages and data. Older devices may not have the necessary hardware or processing power to handle these security updates effectively, making them vulnerable to potential breaches.

Performance: WhatsApp continually adds new features and improves existing ones. Older devices like the iPhone 6 may struggle to run these updates smoothly, leading to a degraded user experience.

Compatibility: With each iOS update, Apple introduces changes that can affect how apps function on older devices. WhatsApp must adapt to these changes, which can be challenging for devices with limited resources.

Technical Limitations: As hardware ages, it becomes less capable of running modern software efficiently. The iPhone 6, with its A8 chip and limited RAM, falls into this category.

What iPhone 6 Users Can Do

If you’re an iPhone 6 user affected by WhatsApp’s decision, here are some steps you can take:

Upgrade Your Device: The most straightforward solution is to upgrade to a newer iPhone model that supports the latest iOS version and WhatsApp updates. This ensures you continue to enjoy the full WhatsApp experience.

Use Alternative Messaging Apps: There are several messaging apps available, like Telegram, Signal, and Facebook Messenger, which may still support iPhone 6. Consider switching to one of these platforms if you prefer not to upgrade your device.

Back Up Your Data: Before WhatsApp stops working on your iPhone 6, make sure to back up your chat history and important files. You can use WhatsApp’s built-in backup feature or third-party tools to save your conversations.


WhatsApp’s decision to stop working on iPhone 6 is a reflection of the ever-evolving nature of technology. While it may be disappointing for users of older devices, it is a necessary step to ensure the security and functionality of the app. If you’re still using an iPhone 6, now is the time to consider your options, whether it’s upgrading to a newer device or exploring alternative messaging apps. WhatsApp’s commitment to user security and experience remains unwavering, even if it means saying goodbye to some beloved older devices.