Why McLaren Decided to Announce their 2020 Line-up Now


Formula 1 teams are ready to make the announcements regarding the driver line-up quite unusually in this year.

Many people have a craze about Formula 1 race and many people wish to know why McLaren chosen now to confirm that Carlos Sainz and also Lando Norris in 2020. This season is cracking for him so far as the iconic British team has the fourth position in the championship of the constructors and doing it based on the performance instead of good fortune.

Why McLaren decided to announce their 2020 line-up now
Why McLaren decided to announce their 2020 line-up now

The overall performance of this popular team last year was shocked almost everyone.  The performance is notably down to a combination of important things as is usual Formula 1. For example, organization’s restructure has seen Andreas Seidi drafted in as the popular position Team Principal and also James Key as Technical director. The overall development curve associated with this team has steadily risen instead of shuttering.  This team is very tight in terms of the operations and drivers have been nothing short of sensational.

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The youngest ever line-up of McLaren formed by Sainz and Norris attracted everyone in the last item. Sainz has raced for both Toro Rosso and Renault. However, he has been not an experienced driver in the overall team. He is the one relies on for feedback. Norris has embedded himself in the overall team prior to his debut. He is nineties still a rookie.  Sainz deserves his 7th place in the championship of drivers and the best of the rest of the top three teams. Norris has begun 5th in each of the last couple of races. He would have the maximum points tally had not been for not reliability further this control.

Sainz and Norris have multi-year contracts. They both were expected to stay on the team for the upcoming year. However, Norris required passing probation for a clause to be activated which would be confirmed in the second year.  He did that with ease before schedule with McLaren wasting no more time for signing him up. Sainz knew that he must be at the team for at least a couple of seasons when he started it. The Spaniard talks about how the type of commitment from McLaren subsequent to years of the first-year deal gave him enough confidence. He has successfully rewarded with faith with all his results this year. He is confirming him alongside Norris is a reaffirmation of the support for him.

Sainz and Norris enjoy that McLaren strengthens it by agreeing this deal early in the season. They focus on how to continue their immense run of form instead of let any silly season to threaten and derail them in any aspect. They get back their drivers and do not want anybody to take them. Norris has been on radar of the Red Bull when they look to find a qualified driver for Toro Rosso two years ago. The overall performance of Norris so far reveals no doubt about some teams interested. Meanwhile, Sainz has been overlooked by Red Bull in Gasly’s favour and marking himself out as a qualified driver for delivering the maximum from a package which is a dream of F1 team.

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